Boarding your pet? How to select the best facility and what to expect.

Boarding is usually the first option for many people who do not have someone they can depend on, for those who are uncomfortable leaving their dog with a stranger, or having a stranger come to their home. I do not blame you!!! Boarding can be a fantastic experience or a nightmare. More and more concerned pet owners are choosing to board their dog at boarding kennels. Facilities that belong to International Boarding & Pet Services Association (IBPSA) are professional pet-care providers who make a public commitment to quality pet care and subscribe to a Code of Ethics for pets in boarding and/or daycare facilities. The vast majority of dogs adapt well and enjoy their stay at the kennel. For some dogs/puppies which have not had their immunizations, extremely old dogs with chronic illnesses, very aggressive dogs, and dogs that require medication more than twice a day, you might consider boarding with your veterinarian.

Selecting a Boarding Facility:

Make sure you call around and talk to several of the facilities nearest you.  Be aware that they may be under staffed.  They will also have their hands full with their four legged customers, so I would not expect to get someone on the phone who can chat for a while.  Stop by a boarding facility and visit with the owner and staff.  Get acquainted with the people who will be caring for your pet.  Ask questions and take nothing for granted.  Discuss frankly any qualms you may have about boarding.  They will appreciate your frankness and interest.

Health and Safety:

The experienced staff members at an IBPSA facility are trained to recognize the warning signs of potential health problems and will contact a veterinarian if they feel it is necessary.  Many times it is easier for the pet care provider to detect problems than it is for the owner of the dog.  It is not, however, part of the pet care provider’s job to diagnose or to prescribe.  If your dog does require veterinary care while being boarded, you should be aware that you, the pet owner, are financially responsible for such care.

During boarding, it is possible that dogs might step in their stools or urine and become dirty.  This can happen in the cleanest of facilities.  Also, some of the finest disinfectants available for sanitizing are not always the most pleasant smelling and the odor may cling to your dog’s coat.  Bathing or grooming may be a welcome solution.  Make sure you understand the rate structure for all services and hours of operation.  The fee for boarding includes the care of your pet, as well as the peace of mind that goes with knowing that he/she is safe and with someone you can trust.

Vaccination Requirements:

As a responsible pet owner there are things you must attend to before bringing your dog in to board.  Make certain all immunizations are current.  The manager will be happy to discuss the immunization requirements with you.

Understanding the Kennel Environment:

A pet owner sometimes needs reminding that it is not beneficial to lament over the dog in the front office before leaving, nor should the suitcases come out the day before the trip.  Both of these things cause the dog to be unnecessarily upset.  It is important to understand the possible effects of stress on a dog. Sometimes temporary behavior changes can occur as a result of unfamiliar surroundings.  While boarding, your best friend tears up the bed that has been slept in for years, or “Killer,” turns into a little lamb.  Eating habits change under stress, and a dog assimilates food differently.  Some eat like canaries at home and like vultures at a boarding facility. They may put on a few pounds.  Others can lose weight though eating well or lose weight by not eating enough.  Some dogs lose weight because they run the weight off as they charge around barking at other dogs and having a wonderful time.  These dogs often leave the facility exhausted, but happy and may sleep a lot the first couple of days they are home.

Boarding Kennel Stress in Dogs:

Boarding kennel stress is real!!!  Dogs become stressed the same as you and I. Putting your dog into boarding kennels can be very stressful for them.  Imagine taking your child to a strange place and leaving him/her with people he/she does not know.  The child will more often than not, become distressed and upset.  The same thing can and does happen to dogs.  Even steady dogs can become stressed when confronted by new surroundings and routine.  They are introduced to strange smells and other dogs, some of which may be barking.  Many kennels these days, and I am one of them, ask if your dog has been boarded before, If not, day/night stays are recommended prior to boarding to get them familiar with the process, the staff, and the surroundings.  I prefer this because it allows the dog to experience the fact that you come back.  By doing this, the next time your pet boards, he/she will not be so anxious.  So start conditioning your dog early and be proactive. Even if you are not going away, your dog should be introduced to the boarding kennel environment.

Signs of Stress:

Signs of kennel stress can manifest in dogs in many ways:

  • Aggression:  Often due to fear.
  • Excessive Barking & Whining:  It is a sign the dog is distressed and it is also very unsettling for the other dogs.
  • Loss of Appetite:  Not eating due to stress and change of routine.
  • Pacing & Depression:  Some dogs who have never been confined to a room before may try to break out by throwing themselves against the walls or doors.
  • Fireworks, Thunderstorms, Loud noises:  Some dogs go into a panic which could cause vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Increase in Appetite:  Some dogs “Stress” eat just like humans.
  • Colitis:  Colitis is the inflammation of the colon.  Stress colitis is real and very common.  Just as the name suggests, Stress colitis is caused by situations when your dog is exceptionally anxious, distressed, change in routine, and/or change in his/her environment.  Anything out of the ordinary can cause stress, although some dogs are more accepting of unusual situations than others.  Common stress-inducing situations for dogs include, new additions to the household such as other pets, children or overnight guest; travel, even short trips around town; severe storms; going to veterinarian; being left alone for long periods of time; moving; or staying overnight at a boarding facility.  Signs and Symptoms:  Diarrhea is the main and often only symptom of colitis.  It is not simply runny stool, however; it is slimy or gooey.  It often contains mucus or blood.  Many times a dog’s bowel movement will start out normal and then become runny.  Your dog may need to relieve himself more often than usual and may display a deep sense of urgency for only a small bowel movement.  Common Treatments:  Because it comes on suddenly and ends as soon as the stress is resolved, treatment is not always necessary for stress colitis.  You should contact your veterinarian especially if your dog is very young, elderly, or has a health condition.  If treatment is necessary, your vet may prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication, ask you to withhold food for a short period of time, or offer only mild foods or foods with plenty of fiber (rice).

The vast majority of dogs view their stay at the boarding facility as a vacation.  Sit back, relax and enjoy your trip…..We got this!

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The Importance of Having Your Pet Groomed by a Professional Groomer

By now, many of you know my thoughts on the importance of regularly grooming your pet with a Certified Pet Groomer. Proper pet grooming is one of my passions here at At Your Bark-N-Call and the reason I first started my grooming business in the laundry room of my home back in 2006. Fast forward to 2014 and my dream of owning a complete pet care facility with a state-of-the art grooming salon, cageless pet hotel, doggy daycare, a cat chateau and 24 hour care is a thriving reality and it’s thanks to the wonderful clients who first started coming to me as a Professional Groomer.

I’d like to share some detailed facts as to why it’s so important to have your pet groomed by a professional:

Our Professional Certified Groomers know specifically how to groom your pet and keep them safe and healthy. We have countless hours and experience in breed-specific grooming and how to groom your dog or cat without causing injury. People who try to groom their pet at home could cause cuts, scratches or skin irritations to their pet by not knowing the proper techniques. At Your Bark-N-Call’s Professional Groom Team not only knows the proper way to groom but they also inspect your pet prior to grooming for matting, cuts on paws, skin tags, skin infections, etc. and can provide the proper treatment and suggest and inform you on treatments and preventative measures.

Our Professional Groomers have the appropriate grooming supplies! All pets are different as are the supplies we use to groom them. All of our supplies are in pristine condition and sanitized after each use to avoid infections and irritations; therefore, producing the very best top results. Professional groomers know which brush, comb, scissors and blades to use to make your pet look their very best.

Our Professional Groomers know the correct way to trim your pet’s nails — not cutting too short or causing injury. It’s a fact, dogs need a nail trim once a month for their health and well-being. Most pet owners do not enjoy or do not know how to properly trim their pet’s nails and many pets do not like the process of having their nails trimmed. A Professional Groomer can help ease their fears making the process not so scary.

Professional Groomers understand the dog anatomy. We can notice abnormalities such as lumps, skin discoloration, rashes, skin lesions, skin tags, bald patches, gum discoloration/bleeding and can pass information on to our clients so that they can follow-up with their vet.

Our well-trained Professional Bathing and Grooming Staff knows how to check for parasites on your pet’s fur that you may not be aware of and can provide a flea medicated bath if needed. We also check the ears for ear mites and other parasites that may not be visible to you.

Our Professional Bathers check and express anal glands and know how to properly massage your pet during a bath. At Your Bark-N-Call’s Professional Bathing Staff takes the worry out of bath time so that your pet is relaxed and engaged and the word “bath” doesn’t seem so scary.

Our Professional Groomers are here to educate owners about your pet’s coat. At Your Bark-N-Call’s Staff can suggest diet tips and shampoos if we notice hair loss, questionable skin condition, imbalances in your pet’s coat, etc. as well as discussing the proper brush or combs to use in between grooms.

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At Your Bark-N-Call — “A Quality Pet Care Facility”

At Your Bark-N-Call  — “A Quality Pet Care Facility”

We recently came across a great article in Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazine which describes the important factors that we at AYBNC stand by and adhere to as an industry leader in quality pet care.

What are these important qualities?  First, we offer extraordinary 24-hour pet care and are the very best and safest choice for your pet while you’re away from home.  We also strive to educate our clients, community and staff about canine diseases.  We insist on vaccinations against illnesses before taking care of your dog to proactively help guard against the possibility of your pet ending up with infections.  These current and mandatory vaccinations include:  rabies, distemper/parvo and bordtella.

Besides promoting strict vaccination policies, we have a well-trained, 24-hour staff to help identify the fears that pet parents may have when boarding their pets.  With the latest information on common canine diseases, we are well prepared in providing exceptional care even with common diseases that any pet can be exposed to.

Take for instance the bordetella vaccine that we require for all services.  The bordetella vaccine is commonly referred to as the “kennel cough” vaccine; however, “canine cough” is a much more accurate term because it describes the syndrome–coughing dogs–but does not imply that the disease is caused by a pet care facility.  The term “canine cough” incorporates the following conditions:  “Infectious tracheobronchitis (otherwise known as (ITB) and Canine infections respiratory disease complex (CIRDC).  The use of inaccurate labels as “kennel cough” continues to attack the references of businesses like ours.

So what are the facts of where and how our pets can contract diseases and become ill?

First and foremost, pet owners need to understand that dogs can be infected anywhere:  at the park, pet supply stores, taking a walk through the neighborhood or even in their own backyards.

What you need to know about upper respiratory infections in dogs and how they are spread:

Mild respiratory infections in pets including “canine cough” can show up as a dry, hacking cough, often followed by a gagging sound.  You may also notice the infected dog may have a running nose and sneezing as the disease progresses without treatment.  In addition, upper respiratory infections could cause fever and problems breathing.  Typically canine respiratory infections are spread from dog to dog in secretions from eyes, nose or mouth and by direct contact from infected dogs to healthy dogs.  Sneezing or coughing can release tiny droplets which can carry the virus up to 20 feet in any direction.  The virus can also be carried on the hands, clothing, shoes and equipment of family and pet care staff  from dog to dog or area to area.  The incubation period (that time where a time might not show symptoms) can be anywhere from 3-10 days!

Cleaning and sanitizing – taking it a step further:

As a quality and reputable pet care facility, we do everything possible to protect the dogs in our care.  Requiring vaccinations is just one way to increase the probability of a healthy pet.  We also clean and sanitize every day throughout the day to protect the pets in our care.

When to take the pet to the vet:  Quality pet care facilities DO NOT hesitate to call the pet’s veterinarian or the facility veterinarian as soon a pet shows any possible signs of illness.  It’s best to be proactive and not wait until the situation gets worse.   We insist that our clients provide current veterinarian contact information when checking their pet into our facility.  At Your Bark-N-Call also has our own facility veterinarian and a 24-hour emergency veterinarian within close proximity to our address.

Most owners appreciate the pet care facility taking this proactive approach in advance of the pet’s departure from the facility so they are not faced with a sick pet when they return home.

Why we don’t allow pets to accompany owners during a tour of our facility.

AYBNC does not allow any tours to be conducted with your pet due to health and safety precautions. For example, if we allow dogs to accompany owners, we take a big risk in not knowing if the dog had been vaccinated, is a possible carrier, or vulnerable to possible infection.   AYBNC also discourages potential clients from touring our facility if they have visited another pet care facility that same day due to not knowing what health and safety precautions the other facility demonstrates.  For example, the clothes you have on, your shoes, your hair, your touch may all be infected by a virus and carried from one place to another.

Why we don’t allow toys, rawhides and chew bones in your dog’s hotel suite during a stay at our facility.

AYBNC ‘s #1 priority is the safety and well-being of your pet while they in our care.  For this reason, allowing such items would create a possible risk of choking and/or obstruction of airwaves;  therefore, these items are only allowed when being monitored by our trained Staff outside of their hotel suites.

Positive feedback – we know our standards work!

Having a quality pet care service like At Your Bark-N-Call speaks volumes.  Our high standards produce raving and consistent human fans, healthy and happy pets, positive reviews and client and veterinary referrals.


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Dog Daycare Near Dyer Indiana | Dyer Pet Daycare

Dyer Indiana Dog Daycare

Find Doggy Daycare near Dyer Indiana. Welcome to At Your Bark-N-Call’s official link to dog daycare near Dyer Indiana. Your dog will be able to run free in one of our large play areas. We have four indoor and 2 outdoor play areas equipped with puppy playgrounds, safe toys for the pets to share, beds and cots to lounge on and of course, everything is supervised by our professional pet handlers. Located in Crown Point, At Your Bark-N-Call’s dog daycare is the best choice for Dyer Indiana Dog Daycare. Don’t stuff your dog in a kennel with limited outdoor access; bring your dog to At Your Bark-N-Call for a comfortable retreat. Our doggy day care service allows your dog to interact with other friendly dogs to run and play at our facility. Worried about your dog interacting with other dogs negatively? Not an issue, our professional pet handlers and highly trained staff supervises doggy day care continually. For more Information about Dyer Indiana dog daycare please visit our website or call us at, (219) 662-2332. Find Dyer Indiana dog daycare, and doggy daycare.

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Dog Boarding Near Dyer Indiana | Dyer Pet Boarding

Searching for Pet Boarding near Dyer Indiana?  At Your Bark-N-Call is the premiere provider for residents near Dyer Indiana for Luxury Dog Boarding. At Your Bark-N-Call has 26 luxury cage-less pet hotel suites for dog boarding and pet boarding. Each pet gets its own private luxury cageless pet hotel. Your dog will have access to 4 large indoor and two outdoor play area where they can interact with other dogs. Dog boarding can be scary for some owners and especially scary for the dog or pet, but we provide owners with peace of mind knowing that their dog is under 24 hour supervision by our of a team of professional pet handlers in an environment that that is comfortable and enjoyable for your pets, setting us apart from other providers for Dyer Indiana pet boarding. So don’t take your dog to a kennel in Lake Country Indiana, bring them in for a one-of-a-kind pet retreat, with 26 private luxury cageless pet hotel suites!   At your Bark-N-Call is near Dyer Indiana and your best source for dog boarding, dog daycare, and professional board certified, quality dog grooming. For more information please contact us at, (219) 662-3223.

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Dog Grooming Near Dyer Indiana | Dyer Pet Grooming

Find Pet Grooming Near Dyer Indiana. Welcome to At Your Bark-N-Call’s direct link to local pet grooming. At Your Bark-N-Call is located in Crown Point near Dyer Indiana and offers supreme, professional pet grooming services with certified groomers. If you are a Dyer Indiana resident that is in need of pet grooming, dog grooming, pet boarding, dog boarding, pet daycare, dog daycare, then At Your Bark-N-Call is the place you have been looking for!  At Your Bark-N-Call’s facility features 26 private, cageless suites in our pet hotel with 24 hour supervision.  In addition to our grooming salon and pet hotel our facility also features four indoor and two outdoor play area, so your dog can run free and play with other dogs. For the best pet care services near Dyer Indiana including dog grooming, pet grooming, cat grooming, pet boarding and pet daycare,  contact At Your Bark-N-Call, Bed & Bath Inc. at (219) 662- 3223 or stop by and take a tour of our facilities. 1157 Erie Court Crown Point, IN 46307


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Dog Daycare Near Winfield Indiana | Winfield Pet Daycare

Find local dog daycare near Winfield, Indiana. Welcome to At Your Bark-N-Call’s official WordPress blog where you’ll find links and resources to various pet services including dog daycare near Winfield, Indiana. Why choose dog daycare from At Your Bark-N-Call? In addition to your pets access to 4 indoor partitioned playrooms and  outdoor play areas, you get peace of mind knowing that your dog is well taken care of by our professional pet handlers who have countless hours of experience with all breeds and levels of temperament. Ideal for owners who travel frequently or work long hours, a session of dog daycare is perfect for pets and owners alike. No other provider of dog daycare services offers the same level of preferential treatment to their dogs that At Your Bark-N-Call offers. This is what truly sets us apart from other providers of dog daycare in Crown Point near Winfield, Indiana. So if you’re seeking local dog daycare services near Winfield, Indiana come to At Your Bark-N-Call to tour our facility and see why we offer the best in local dog daycare near Winfield, Indiana.

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