At Your Bark-N-Call — “A Quality Pet Care Facility”

At Your Bark-N-Call  — “A Quality Pet Care Facility”

We recently came across a great article in Pet Boarding & Daycare Magazine which describes the important factors that we at AYBNC stand by and adhere to as an industry leader in quality pet care.

What are these important qualities?  First, we offer extraordinary 24-hour pet care and are the very best and safest choice for your pet while you’re away from home.  We also strive to educate our clients, community and staff about canine diseases.  We insist on vaccinations against illnesses before taking care of your dog to proactively help guard against the possibility of your pet ending up with infections.  These current and mandatory vaccinations include:  rabies, distemper/parvo and bordtella.

Besides promoting strict vaccination policies, we have a well-trained, 24-hour staff to help identify the fears that pet parents may have when boarding their pets.  With the latest information on common canine diseases, we are well prepared in providing exceptional care even with common diseases that any pet can be exposed to.

Take for instance the bordetella vaccine that we require for all services.  The bordetella vaccine is commonly referred to as the “kennel cough” vaccine; however, “canine cough” is a much more accurate term because it describes the syndrome–coughing dogs–but does not imply that the disease is caused by a pet care facility.  The term “canine cough” incorporates the following conditions:  “Infectious tracheobronchitis (otherwise known as (ITB) and Canine infections respiratory disease complex (CIRDC).  The use of inaccurate labels as “kennel cough” continues to attack the references of businesses like ours.

So what are the facts of where and how our pets can contract diseases and become ill?

First and foremost, pet owners need to understand that dogs can be infected anywhere:  at the park, pet supply stores, taking a walk through the neighborhood or even in their own backyards.

What you need to know about upper respiratory infections in dogs and how they are spread:

Mild respiratory infections in pets including “canine cough” can show up as a dry, hacking cough, often followed by a gagging sound.  You may also notice the infected dog may have a running nose and sneezing as the disease progresses without treatment.  In addition, upper respiratory infections could cause fever and problems breathing.  Typically canine respiratory infections are spread from dog to dog in secretions from eyes, nose or mouth and by direct contact from infected dogs to healthy dogs.  Sneezing or coughing can release tiny droplets which can carry the virus up to 20 feet in any direction.  The virus can also be carried on the hands, clothing, shoes and equipment of family and pet care staff  from dog to dog or area to area.  The incubation period (that time where a time might not show symptoms) can be anywhere from 3-10 days!

Cleaning and sanitizing – taking it a step further:

As a quality and reputable pet care facility, we do everything possible to protect the dogs in our care.  Requiring vaccinations is just one way to increase the probability of a healthy pet.  We also clean and sanitize every day throughout the day to protect the pets in our care.

When to take the pet to the vet:  Quality pet care facilities DO NOT hesitate to call the pet’s veterinarian or the facility veterinarian as soon a pet shows any possible signs of illness.  It’s best to be proactive and not wait until the situation gets worse.   We insist that our clients provide current veterinarian contact information when checking their pet into our facility.  At Your Bark-N-Call also has our own facility veterinarian and a 24-hour emergency veterinarian within close proximity to our address.

Most owners appreciate the pet care facility taking this proactive approach in advance of the pet’s departure from the facility so they are not faced with a sick pet when they return home.

Why we don’t allow pets to accompany owners during a tour of our facility.

AYBNC does not allow any tours to be conducted with your pet due to health and safety precautions. For example, if we allow dogs to accompany owners, we take a big risk in not knowing if the dog had been vaccinated, is a possible carrier, or vulnerable to possible infection.   AYBNC also discourages potential clients from touring our facility if they have visited another pet care facility that same day due to not knowing what health and safety precautions the other facility demonstrates.  For example, the clothes you have on, your shoes, your hair, your touch may all be infected by a virus and carried from one place to another.

Why we don’t allow toys, rawhides and chew bones in your dog’s hotel suite during a stay at our facility.

AYBNC ‘s #1 priority is the safety and well-being of your pet while they in our care.  For this reason, allowing such items would create a possible risk of choking and/or obstruction of airwaves;  therefore, these items are only allowed when being monitored by our trained Staff outside of their hotel suites.

Positive feedback – we know our standards work!

Having a quality pet care service like At Your Bark-N-Call speaks volumes.  Our high standards produce raving and consistent human fans, healthy and happy pets, positive reviews and client and veterinary referrals.


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Find local dog boarding near Winfield, Indiana. Welcome to At Your Bark-N-Call Bed & Bath Inc.’s official WordPress Blog where you’ll find links and resources to the best local pet and dog boarding services in Winfield, Indiana. Our Pet Hotel consists of 26 private, cage-less suites for both dogs and cats. With some suites as large as 10′ x 10′ perfect for any size or breed of dog or cat. This is what makes At Your Bark-N-Call Northwest Indiana and Winfield, Indiana’s most hospitable source for dog boarding. We offer 2 indoor partitioned play areas equipped with community toys for your dog to run and play tirelessly throughout our facility with other four legged friends. In addition, your dog also has access to our outdoor play area making At Your Bark-N-Call the number one source for local dog boarding services in Winfield, Indiana. So if you’re seeking a local dog boarding facility, skip the kennel and the yellow pages and bring your dog or cat down to At Your Bark-N-Call for a stay in our luxurious pet hotel.

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Dog Grooming Winfield Indiana | Winfield Pet Grooming

Find local dog grooming in Winfield, Indiana. Welcome to At Your Bark-N-Call Bed & Bath Inc.’s official WordPress Blog where you’ll find links and resources for local Winfield, Indiana dog grooming and other services. We offer the most elite dog grooming services near Winfield, Indiana from a team of professional, board-certified groomers that render a show quality grooming job every time. To our Winfield, Indiana customers we offer the following dog grooming services:

  • Bath, Massage, Trim and Blow-Dry (price varies depending on size and breed)
  • Nail Trim (No Appointment Needed)
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Ear Cleanse
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • (Above Services Available in “All-In-One” Grooming Package Around $40)

No other provider of dog grooming services in Winfield, Indiana offers this wide variety of service options. But there’s more!  At Your Bark-N-Call also offers:

  • Full-Body De-Shedding Treatment
  • Pure Paws Oatmeal & Aloe Treatment
  • Zymox Ear and Skin Treatment
  • Dematting and Shave

This is what truly sets At Your Bark-N-Call apart from other providers of dog grooming in Winfield, Indiana. So trust Winfield, Indiana’s best source for local dog grooming.

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